Digital Transformation with IoT

Digital Transformation with Internet of Things

Why invest in IoT?

IoT has an incredible potential to transform many industries. Enterprises that start using these technologies regularly will be able to significantly improve the efficiency of their workflow, maintain high quality and increase productivity. Many companies are beginning to use Internet of Things and related technologies as they start to realize its importance for future business success.

Digital Transformation

Fascia Industrial AI: Supplying access to related facilities and operations. Fascia is the IoT platform helping industries to accelerate revenue growth, profit generation, and cost savings.

Industrial Manufacturing

Enabling digital transformation and real time insights to prevent, predict and minimize the downtime.

Energy Management

Energy Optimization for reduced cost, efficient production and asset monitoring.

Heavy Machinery

Intelligent manufacturing systems for makers of Original Equipment (OEM) and Heavy Machinery.

Oil & Gas

Enabling field information in facilities for oil and gas mining, oil processing, electrical and power.

Our Solutions

Fascia is an Artificial Intelligence Platform tailored for Industrial IoT, delivering access to usage cases through large industrial properties and processes. Fascia has the technical capability to incorporate models focused on mechanics, heuristics and deep learning to create actionable insights into the company.

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Industrial Automation Using IoT

Intelligent Digital automation of Industrial Processes helps in optimizing cost and increasing efficiency.


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Windmill Monitoring

End-to-end asset monitoring and management application implemented.


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Tandem Press Line for Auto

Includes machine monitoring and OEE data collection to increase the machine efficiency and productivity leveraging innovation.


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PLM Integrator

IoT solution developed using MindSphere to monitor the operational performance and product data.


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Surgical Equipment

AWS – IoT Solution to enable equipment boxes with sensors.


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Smart Office

IoT Solution using AWS IoT to track assets in offices at different locations globally.


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Personal Health Monitoring

Out fitness and activity monitoring applications presents a dashboard to monitor the daily activity of an individual.


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Asset Monitoring & Management

An IoT-enabled remote monitoring solution is just what businesses like manufacturing, industrial machinery, power & utilities, mining, and oil & gas need.


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Remote Monitoring of Solar Farm

Our Solar Farm Monitoring Dashboard is a complete solution for monitoring and maintenance of Solar Farms located in different geographical regions.


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