Digital Thread – PLM Integrator

PLM Integrator is an IoT solution desgined with MindSphere

It is an IoT solution developed using MindSphere to monitor the operational performance and product data. This solution helps to gain access to the product data from Teamcenter with the very least efforts. With the use of this solution, it is easy to get real-time insights into the machine or devices. Reducing the overall efforts of fetching the from Teamcenter, with API calls that directly reads the product details directly from Teamcenter.

  • An integrated view of Operational performance data of a product/device and its Enterprise Product Data.
  • Customers want a way to easily give its enterprise stakeholders access to product information without requiring them to undergo comprehensive training to gain a basic understanding and access to engineering systems
  • Easy Access to Enterprise Product Data.
  • Monitor any machine/device in real-time.
  • Gather real-time performance metrics.
  • Live data streaming into the MindSphere time-series database.
  • Eliminate training and license costs with the easy-to-use interface.
  • Customers can focus more on data analysis and visualization.
  • API calls to get product specification and design data from Teamcenter.