Smart Office

Smart Office helps in the administration of multi-location offices

Smart Office is Developed IoT solution using AWS IoT to track assets in offices at different locations globally and monitor the office environment remotely. This solution helps to centralize inventory management and efficiently manage assets regardless of the physical location. In this specific implementation, the below parameters can be monitored across offices globally.

Smart Offices report real-time humidity levels.
Smart Office dashboard provides the temperature.
Smart Office returns the no. of actively connected laptops.
  • Each office is fitted with a BLE beacon reader and temperature/humidity sensors which connects with a gateway.
  • Laptops are attached with a BLE beacon which is scanned by a BLE reader installed in the office and sends the no. of a laptop in the office.
  • Gateway is enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity and communicates with AWS IoT.
  • When AWS IoT receives a message from Gateway, it authenticates and authorizes the message and the Rules Engine executes the appropriate rule on the message, which routes the message to the Lambda function.
  • Lambda function performs minor data cleaning and transformation and stores the data in AWS RDS.
  • Web Application is deployed in S3 as a static website that triggers API Gateway to get the data from AWS RDS using the Lambda function and displays the data on UI.
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