Surgical Equipment Tracker

Present geolocation can be tracked in real-time on Google Map

AWS-IoT solution to enable equipment boxes with sensors and a small gateway which connects to cloud using cellular connectivity. Current geolocation can be tracked on google map real time.

This solution also alerts if the equipment is opened by using infrared sensors. This is used to track any tampering of the equipment during transportation. This is a very critical requirement especially with surgical equipment which is sent straight to the Operation Theater and needs to be sterile, unopened or untouched.

This solution can be extended to track the journey of any equipment from its manufacturer to the consumer.

Important Features
  • Enable real-time tracking of Equipment using geolocation that helps the service providers to keep track of Equipment location that helps keep inventory updated all the time.
  • Enables admin to keep track of equipment during transportation.
  • Enables customers to know about unwanted tampering during transportation.
  • Help service providers to make sure all the equipment is inside the surgical kit after use.
  • During the transport, Surgical Kit sends its geolocation to the Cloud which helps keep track of Kit during transport and triggers alert if it deviates from the actual route or in case of any breakdown.
  • The surgical kit is fitted with infrared sensors that alert the system if the box is opened before it reaches the hospital making the kit not fit for use.
  • The surgical kit is fitted with RFID tag reader and all the equipment in the Surgical kit is attached with RFID tag which helps the Surgical Kit to keep track of the equipment.
  • When Surgical Kit is opened at the hospital for the first time it sends the details of what equipment is in the Surgical Kit.
  • Also, while returning Surgical Kit sends the details of what equipment is available during the return which helps admin keep track of any lost equipment.
  • When AWS IoT receives a message from Surgical Kit, it authenticates and authorizes the message and the Rules Engine executes the appropriate rule on the message, which routes the message to the appropriate Lambda function.
  • An AWS IoT rule sends telemetric data to multiple Lambda function:
    • Lambda responsible for the transformation and preprocessing of data updates the Dynamo DB table with recent updates.
    • Lambda which detects an anomaly, the record is sent to Amazon SQS, from where data is read by AWS Lambdafunction that parses the record, stores it in an Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon RDS table, and triggers an Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) notification to users.
  • Application is deployed on AWS which fetches the data from Dynamo DB table and AWS RDS to show the NRT tracking updates about the Surgical Kit.